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Facebook Under Fire, Whistleblower Comes Out (What Now America)


Facebook Documents Show FB Profits on Lies. The host for this show is Tim Apicella. The guest is Jay Fidell.

In a 60 Minute Interview this week, whistle-blower Frances Haugen revealed what we’ve known all along, how much FB receives in revenue allowing false information and the ads that go with them. Ms Haugen revealed her identity and the fact of thousands of documents she obtained detailing internal studies and policy memos backing her claims that FB overtly allowed false information posts. This may well have relevance related to the Jan 6 Capital attack, and equally how false information has created a huge polarization of Americans over issues of the COVID virus, vaccine, and politics. Also, she revealed information of the adverse impact Instagram has on young girls. Ms. Haugen appears before the House committee this week to further explain what she learned at FB as a product manager.

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