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Guide to Remote Shows with vMix Call

For your remote appearance, we will be connecting with you on our vMix Call program. There’s no need for you to download or to have any particular software on your computer to connect on vMix Call. You do need to have a computer with your email program, a camera and a mic.  Alternatively, you can use a Logitech USB clip-on camera and a separate USB mic for better video and sound. Or you can plug a smartphone type headset with a mic into the mini-jack port on your computer.

vMix call is not supported by Microsoft Edge Browser. You must use one of the following browsers to connect: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Make sure you the camera is at the same height as your face.  Also make sure the light is on your face is coming from in front of you (as from a window), not from behind you.  And make sure what is showing behind you is a background you are comfortable with.  Doing this indoors, rather than outdoors, is recommended.

We need to have an email address you can access from your computer and a phone number at which we can call you.  If you have not already provided these, please do so as soon as possible.

A few minutes before show time, we will send you an email with a link. When you get it, just click on the link, enter your first name, and that will immediately connect you with our vMix Call program.

You will see our studio picture on your screen and your own picture in a smaller preview window on the top left of the screen.  When you look at the preview window, make sure you are centered in the window and that the light is coming from in front of you, not from behind you.

There will be five vMix Call icon controls for you at the bottom of your screen: (1), to hang up; (2) to mute the camera; (3) to mute the audio; (4) to turn the preview window on and off; (5) to maximize the picture on your screen; and (6) to turn the chat box on and off.  These will help you in connecting with us; use them when necessary.

Once connected, our engineer will contact you on the chat window on your screen or at the phone number you’ve given us to assist you and get the best video and sound reception.

Note that if your broadband reception is slow, our engineer may reduce the resolution of the picture we are sending you.  That picture will in that case be at a lower resolution, but this will not affect the clarity of the picture you are sending us for broadcast.

When the broadcast is over and the engineer has moved on to the credits roll, you are free to talk privately with us on the chat box on your screen or on the phone.  When you would like to shut down the connection, just press the phone icon at the bottom of your screen.

If there are issues in getting good video or sound, the engineer may opt to use another video transmission program (like Zoom) or another audio transmission program (like VOIP) so, if that is necessary, please follow his instructions to reconnect accordingly.

Thanks for participating in ThinkTech and for following these instructions.  With your cooperation, we hope to achieve the best quality of video and sound for our remote show with you.

If you want to know more about connecting with a vMix Call, you can take a look at this vMix video tutorial on YouTube.

If you have further questions or if you’d like to discuss any of this before the show, please feel free to contact us as shows@thinktechhawaii.com of (808) 374-2014.

Thanks.  We look forward to having you on the show.