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Appearance Guidelines

Dear ThinkTech Hosts and Guests:

We look forward to your forthcoming appearance on ThinkTech. Here are some guidelines.


In special cases, Hosts can come to the studio for the broadcast.  It’s in the Office Suites on the 6th floor of 1164 Bishop Street, Finance Factors Center downtown. Come 15 minutes before showtime.  The best parking is at Kukui Plaza or Alii Place.  When you get the 6th floor, call 784-3426 and our engineer will let you in.  If you come earlier, you’ll have to wait for the engineer to finish the previous show.

We start the shows on the hour and go for 28:30 minutes. Our technology does not require a green screen, so no need to avoid green clothing.


Given concerns about coronavirus, ur hosts and guests generally appear by remote vMix Call technology these days. To appear by remote, you will need a computer with a camera, Chrome, a quiet room and decent broadband.

Our engineer will email you a link 15 minutes before showtime. When you click on that link you’ll be connected and our engineer will step you through the rest.

For more information on connecting by remote, please call us at (808) 784-3426.


We use vMix Call technology for remote appearances.  There’s no need to download any particular software, but the host or guest who appears by remote will need a Chrome (preferred), Firefox or Safari browser to take the vMix Call.


The guest will need a computer with a camera, mic and decent broadband (at least 10 mbps).  Avoid company computers, which may have a firewall that will block vMix Call.

If your computer doesn’t have a camera, you can get a webcam on Amazon or BestBuy and maybe a USB mic or a smartphone headset to improve the audio.

If a computer is not available, you can use a smartphone (horizontally) to do the show, but the video and audio will not be as good as on a computer. You will need something to hold the smartphone steady during the show.

If two participants are using the same computer, they will each need a smartphone headset, and a splitter to connect both to the computer. You can call us if you have questions on how to set that up.  Alternatively, they can use two separate computers.

Framing the Shot.

Be in a quiet presentable space indoors (not outdoors and not in a car). Make sure the camera is at the same height as your eyes and that the light is coming from in front of you not behind.


Hosts should promptly respond to our requests for show information with prompter copy (short, please) and graphics (no more than 10, please) and with cellphone numbers and headshot photos for their guests.

A few minutes before showtime, we will send guests a link to vMix Call.  When they click on this link and enter their names, they will be connected and pur engineer will step them through the rest.

Before and after the show and during the breaks the participants will be able to talk with other.  When you’d like to shut down the connection, just press the phone icon at the bottom of the vMix Call screen.

Trouble Shooting.

To minimize connection issues, it’s a good practice to restart your computer beforehand.

The engineer may call you on your cellphone to resolve any set up problems affecting vMix Call. If those problems cannot be resolved, we may just use the cellphone and guest headshot photo for that show.

We may also provide help in the chat window on vMix Call.  The icon at the bottom right opens the chat window and allows you to chat offline with the engineer.

Looking Forward.

We look forward to doing the show with you.

With our remote technology, we can connect with guests anywhere, and achieve better production values, greater reach and more timely content.

Thanks for participating and for following these guidelines. If you have any questions, contact us at shows@thinktechhawaii.com or (808) 784-3426.

Think Tech Hawaii