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Appearance Guidelines

Dear ThinkTech Hosts and Guests:

We look forward to your forthcoming appearance on ThinkTech.  Here are some guidelines.
Hosts are expected to promptly respond to our requests for show information and to provide email addresses, cellphone numbers and headshot photos for their guests.
Our hosts and guess generally appear by remote using Zoom. For this, you will need a computer with a camera, a mic, speakers or headphones, a quiet room and decent broadband.
We will email you a Zoom link the day before the show.  Please click on it 15 minutes before showtime.  You will then be connected, and our engineer will step you through the rest.
If your computer doesn’t have a camera, or if you want to improve your video, you can get a webcam.  To improve your audio, get a USB mic or a smartphone headset.
If a computer is not available, you can use a smartphone or tablet, but the video and audio will generally not be as good as with a computer.
For acceptable video and audio, we prefer that participants each have their own equipment.  If two participants are using the same computer, they each need a smartphone headset and splitter to connect to the computer.
Select a quiet, presentable indoor space. Make sure the camera is at the same height as your eyes and that the light is coming from in front of you, not from behind you.
Don’t use the graphics file backgrounds feature in the Zoom video settings unless you actually have a green screen. This will avoid distracting artifacts in the video.
Looking directly into the camera, neither down where we see the top of your head, nor up where we see the ceiling.  Use books to keep the camera to eye level.
Keep your head 3/4 the way up in the frame and maintain this position throughout the show.  You won’t look good if you’re at the bottom of the frame.
If you are using a smartphone or tablet, please hold it horizontally.  Tape it to keep it steady during the show, and likewise use books to keep it at eye level.
Be prepared to keep your Zoom video button on for the duration of the show.  If you turn it off during the show it will disrupt the framing for the broadcast.
Keep the Zoom Chat Box open for the duration of the show.  Check the Chat Box occasionally for questions posed by viewers or instructions from the engineer.
The engineer will also play chime or bell sounds offline to get your attention when there are questions or instructions in the Chat Box.
Before and after the show and during any break the participants can talk with each other offline.  After the show is over, press the Zoom Leave button to shut down the connection.
Unless otherwise agreed, please send any teleprompter text and no more than 10 medium resolution images to shows@thinktechhawaii.com. Avoid graphics with small images or lots text.  They can’t be easily read by viewers.
Although you won’t have a teleprompter on Zoom, our engineer can put text into your Chat Box and you can read it from there. You can also put that text on a Word or text program on your screen and you read it from there.
To minimize connection issues, it’s a good practice to restart your computer beforehand.  The engineer may call you on your cellphone to resolve any problems. If those problems cannot be promptly resolved, we may use your cellphone for audio and your headshot photo for the show.
Thanks for participating and for following these guidelines.  We look forward to having you on the show. If you have any questions, please contact us at shows@thinktechhawaii.com or  (808) 784-3426.
ThinkTech Hawaii