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Webinar Host and Panelists Zoom Guidelines


To achieve the best functionality of Zoom and to minimize connection issues, install the latest Zoom program update at Zoom.us then restart your computer beforehand.

You will need a computer with a camera, a mic, speakers or headphones, a quiet room and decent broadband.

If your computer doesn’t have a camera, or if you want to improve your video quality, you can get a webcam.

For a better picture, you can get a Ring Light to light your face.  Keep it at 45 degrees from your face to minimize glare and reflection your glasses.  If you have natural light coming from a window in the room, that will work too. Our engineer will help you with framing and lighting.

Your camera probably has a built in mic, but to improve your audio, you can get a USB mic or a smartphone earbuds-mic headset.

If a computer is not available, you can use a smartphone or tablet, but the video and audio quality will generally not be as good as with a computer.  Please let us know if you will be using a smartphone or tablet since we will have to frame you differently for the show.

For acceptable video and audio, participants should each have their own equipment.  If two participants are using the same computer, they will each need a smartphone headset, and together they will need a splitter so each can be connected to the one computer.


Select a quiet, presentable indoor space. Make sure the camera is at the very same height as your eyes.

Don’t use the graphics file backgrounds feature in the Zoom video settings unless you have a green screen. This will avoid distracting artifacts in the video.  If you do use a green screen, you should have separate lighting for it.

Look directly into the camera, neither down where we can can see the top of your head, nor up where we see the ceiling.  Raise the camera to eye level by putting the computer on some thick books.

Keep your head 3/4 the way up in the frame and maintain that position throughout the show.  You won’t look good if you’re at the bottom or the top of the frame.  Don’t use a swivel chair to avoid losing your position.

The light should be coming from in front of you, lighting your face, not from behind you.  If there is a window behind you, close the blinds or drapes to reduce the light.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet, turn it horizontally for the show.  Get a piece of tape and tape it to keep it steady and at eye level during the show. If you tape it to a window, you’ll have the benefit of the light coming in from the window.

Keep your Zoom video button on for the duration of the show, even if you have finished speaking.  If you turn the video off during the program it will disrupt the framing for the broadcast.

But you can mute your audio, and in fact it’s good practice to do so when you aren’t speaking.  The engineer may “demote” you as necessary.  In that case, you will no longer be seen or heard on the panelist screen, but you will be able to see and hear the other panelists.

Our engineer will send you time warnings, questions and other instructions in the Zoom Chat window, so keep the Chat window open for the duration of the program.

If your show will include viewer Q&A’s, those will appear in a separate Zoom window.

Before and after the show and during any break the participants can talk with each other offline. After the show is over, press the Zoom Leave button to exit the meeting.


Unless otherwise arranged, please send any graphics you want to use to shows@thinktechhawaii.com. Please send them as jpg or png in medium resolution.  Avoid graphics with small images or lots of text (they can’t be easily seen by viewers).


If you want to read text during the show, you can put it in the Zoom Chat window (or send it to shows@thinktechhawaii.com and ask the engineer to do that for you), or put it on a Word or text edit program on your screen (as close to your camera as possible) and read it from there.  It is important that you look directly at the camera while you are reading, and not off to the side.


The engineer may call you on your cellphone to resolve any connectivity problems. If those problems cannot be promptly resolved, we may use your cellphone for audio and your headshot photo for the show. You can call the studio at (808) 784-3426.


We will email you a Zoom link the day before the show.  Unless otherwise advised, please click on it 15 minutes before showtime.  You will then be connected, and our engineer will step you through the rest.

Please send your cellphone number and your headshot photo to shows@thinktechhawaii.com before the show and refer to the program in which you’re involved.

Questions – if you have questions, call Jay at (808) 780-9254 or the engineer at the studio at (808) 784-3426.