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Graphics Guidelines

These are our ThinkTech Guidelines for submission of Graphics on our talk shows:
1. Unless otherwise agreed, please submit no more than 15 graphics – in ONE transmittal, if possible.
2. They should be medium (not high) resolution in size, and in jpg or png format, or as PowerPoint slides, but not pdf.
3. Video clips should be in mp4 or mov format (not wmv), each preferably with a file size of no more than 1G.
4. Please name the graphics with (a) a number, for the number you want them shown, and (b) descriptive words that you will use to call for them during the show.
5. Email them to shows@thinktechhawaii.com with the name, date and time of your show (e.g., Community Matters, Monday, January. 13, 12:00 noon).
5. If you are appearing in the studio, you can bring them with you on a thumb drive, but be sure to get to the studio by no later than 15 minutes before showtime.
6.  In any event, please do not submit graphics to us unless you created them yourself or otherwise have the right or the demonstrable consent of the owner to use and publicly disseminate them.