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20 Year Afghanistan War Over, but it’s Not (What Now America)


War on Terror Goes On, Enemies to Allies. The host for this show is Tim Apicella. The guests are Jay Fidell and Winston Welch.

20 years of war in Afghanistan officially ended this week. Like Vietnam, the US entered a war with a set goal and mission. Like Vietnam, time and scope creep fogged up the initial objective. The Afghanistan mission was to destroy Al-Qaeda and kill Osama Bin Laden. Then the mission changed to deliver the Afghanistan people from the harsh life metered out by the Taliban and its strict Muslim theocracy. Then there was a mission to create a new shiny democratic model government. Like Vietnam, it was corrupt to the core. Then something was realized, after 2,469 US troops killed,19k wounded, 71k civilians killed, and $2.2 Trillion spent, we traveled back to May 1975 with a nation wondering why America’s longest and unwinnable war lasted 20 years. For what exactly? US troops performed their battle mission with heroism and duty. The military was not designed to seed democracy in a country of 2,000 years of tribal rule. History’s lessons must be remembered and guide US foreign policy.

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