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The Changing Face of COVID (Likable Science)

How the pandemic & treatments are evolving. The hosts for this episode are Jay Fidell and Ethan Allen. Death Rates Have Dropped for Seriously Ill Covid Patients https://nyti.ms/3oCRCXW Virus Hospitalizations Are Up in N.Y.C. But This Time, It’s Different. https://nyti.ms/3mDq4zS Jay and Ethan may also discuss the rapidly advancing field of testing and/or contact tracing. […]

Update on Energy Efficiency and Hawaii Energy in the time of Covid (Hawaii: State Of Clean Energy)

A visit with Brian Kealoha of Hawaii Energy. The host for this episode is Jay Fidell. The guest for this episode is Brian Kealoha. Brian Kealoha of Hawaii Energy will help us understand the developments in clean energy and energy efficiency in Hawaii, and how Hawaii Energy is doing in the time of covid.ThinkTech Hawaii […]

Shrinking Covid, Growing Wallet (Code Green)

Reduce Covid, Produce Profits. The host for this episode is Howard Wiig. The guests for this episode are Anthony Amendola and Andrew Miller. Energy Advisors’ technology draws Covid into an enclosure and destroys them The same device is also a light fixture, providing two functions in one fixture. ThinkTech Hawaii streams live on the Internet […]