Two announcements by Hawaiian Electric (Hawaii: State Of Clean Energy)

Installment payments and eBus Pilot Project. The hosts for this episode are Jay Fidell and Mitch Ewan. The guests for this episode are Shannon Tangonan, Tandy Tabata and Effie Flores. Shannon Tangonan, Tandy Tabata and Effie Flores help us understand announcements by Hawaiian Electric; installment payments, the eBus Pilot Project and the Hawaiian Electric-MANAOLA Hawaiʻi […]

Demonstrations and State Abuse in Colombia (Transitional Justice)

Human Rights Violations During Strikes. The host for this episode is Jay Fidell. The guest for this episode is Santiago Vargas Niño. The origins of social unrest in Colombia. The national strike. State response to demonstrations. Potential human rights violations and international crimes committed by state forces. Mechanisms for redress. ThinkTech Hawaii streams live on […]