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Current Public Expressions of Antisemitism Part Two (Community Matters)

The host for this episode is Jay Fidell. The guests for this episode are Peter Hoffenberg and Marc Dollinger. Professors Peter Hoffenberg and Marc Dollinger continue their discussion of current expressions of Antisemitism in America, how and through what individuals and organizations they have emerged, and where they fit in the current American context. ThinkTech […]

UH CRDG Probes Key Education Issues (The State Of The State Of Hawaii)

Research Advances HI & US Student Learning. The host for this episode is Stephanie Dalton. The guest for this episode is Barbara Dougherty, PhD. The CRDG Director will discuss University of Hawaii’s goal to produce new knowledge about education in critical content has influenced the state’s public schools and nationally to enrich PreK-12 Education. ThinkTech […]