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Who Do You Owe $421M To? Tell Us, Please (Trump Week)


Trump’s Debt- a Security Problem? The host for this episode is Tim Apicella. The guests for this episode are Jay Fidell, Winston Welch, Cynthia Sinclair and Stephanie Dalton.

The NY Times broke the story that Trump paid zero federal taxes ten out of 15 years and only $750 for 2015 and 2016. Trump’s immediate response, “It’s nothing but fake news.” Two days later Trump says the tax returns were obtained illegally. Now, it’s no longer fake news- it’s serious news. With $421 million in loans due in the next few years, there is concern how it gets paid and who Trump personally guaranteed these loans to. Further, if loans are due to foreign sources, how that might influence foreign policy, legislation, or Trumps often used Executive Orders. Guests explore this and the first presidential debate.

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