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Finding our shows

The Power of Search


Just put a search string into the Search Box at the right side of the menu at the top of every page on the site and WordPress will look for matches, either in the text of the site or in the text of the thousands of videos that are loaded onto the site. This is a very powerful search.

Look by Categories

Just below the Search Box, there is a drop box of “Categories.” Many of them are metatag search words in the posts we have created when we upload our videos to this WordPress website. When you find a category likely to include the show you are looking for, take a look at the records presented and see if it is presented there.

Broadcast Listings Spreadsheet

Check out our Broadcast Listings Spreadsheet. It contains most of the shows we’ve broadcast and is a very powerful tool for finding and playing any show we’ve done. To go to the Spreadsheet, all you have to do is go to the Home menu drop list and click on “Broadcast Lists”

This will take you to the Spreadsheet of our shows. You can browse through the list and if you find a show that you want to see, just click on the URL In the Link column and it will take you directly to the video for that show.

When you are on the Spreadsheet, you can use various menu picks to change the way the data is presented. You can also search through the Spreadsheet, find a web link and click it to go to youTube.com, Spreaker.com or Vimeo.com, where all our shows are stored, and play the show you’re looking for.

Once you’re on the Spreadsheet, press Control-F and a search box will open at the top right. If you enter your search criteria in that box and press return, it will take you to the first record that meets the criteria. It will also color all the instances of your search term for easy identification and if you click the arrow brackets next to the search box you can navigate through each of the instances found.

It’s not hard to find the show you’re looking for. Once you identify the show, just click on the URL shown in the links column of the Spreadsheet and that will take you to the show you wanted and start playing it for you. It’s very easy and quick to find and play one of the shows listed on the Spreadsheet. If you find that the one you’ve selected isn’t the one you had in mind, just go back to the Spreadsheet and click the next one that meats the search criteria.

Good hunting. If you have any questions on how to search for these videos, contact us at jay@thinktechhawaii.com and we’ll be pleased to help you.