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WH Admits COVID Herd Immunity is Best Path (Trump Week)


Mayo Clinic says 200M cases and mass death. The host for this episode is Tim Apicella. The guests for this episode are Jay Fidell, Cynthia Lee Sinclair, Winston Welch and Stephanie Dalton.

Trump survives COVID, and states he now understands COVID, yet insists again it’s like the flu, “it should not dominate your life,” “You have nothing to fear.” The rally at the WH and in Florida was business as usual, packed in tight, and masks were encouraged, but optional. In other words, few in the audience wore masks. It appears Trump and White House now admit they want COVID to run its natural course via herd immunity. A 215k current dead toll will grow far greater.. Mayo Clinic states at 70% infection rate expect 200m COVID cases. Trump rallies are super spreader events, with a nod to a new policy path- a monstrous human experiment of epic proportions.

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