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Webinar Guidelines

ThinkTech Hawaii (Jan.2021)


ThinkTech Hawai can produce your organization’s webinar program under these general guidelines and production schedule.

ThinkTech Underwriter Status

Your organization will be asked to become and donate as a “Brass Underwriter”*.  A Brass Underwriter receives ThinkTech webinar production support to include some or all of the following:

  • Establish a Zoom webinar on ThinkTech’s platform, produced by ThinkTech staff
  • Invite your organization’s program coordinator and program panelists to Zoom prep meetings and Webinar Live Day  
  • Prep meetings – tips on lighting, color, sound, framing, backgrounds, script
  • Closed caption and transcripts
  • Preparation of Universal Bumper with your logo and program information
  • Periodic reports on registration numbers leading up to Webinar Live Day
  • Monetizing webinar registrations on PayPal
  • Pre-show reminder emails to panelists and attendees
  • Promotion in our Daily Email Advisory
  • 30-Minute ThinkTech interview to promote your webinar event
  • Professional Zoom production, bumpers, switching, lower thirds, broadcasting
  • Q&A, chat, closed captions and live transcript documents
  • Polling for evaluations
  • Post Webinar Live Date follow-up emails to panelists, attendees and absentees
  • Post Webinar Live Date reports; final registration, attendance, Q&A, polling and performance 
  • Edit to trim footage and improve video, color, sound
  • Uploading on YouTube and Vimeo, or Vimeo VOD (with paywall), at your option.
  • Replay on ThinkTech talk show broadcast schedule
  • Submit video to Olelo 54 for broadcasting with DEA notice

*A Brass Underwriter is the designation for tax-deductible donations of $1,000. Higher levels of Underwriter support are available for larger donations.

Production Schedule Guidelines

(1) Initial Meeting – at least two/three weeks before “Webinar Live Day”

  • Contact Jay Fidell at jay@fidell.com or 808-780-9254 to set the date and time of an Initial Meeting on Zoom with Jay and Carol Mon Lee.  
  • At the Initial Meeting, we will discuss the general outline of the webinar program, including the type of event (e.g., educational, awards celebration, informational, etc.), registration fees and program elements (e.g., hosts, panelists and panels, keynotes, guest speakers, entertainment, prerecorded videos, graphics and video clips, etc.). 
  • Establish the date and time for the program’s “Webinar Live Date.” ThinkTech webinar programs are generally scheduled for Fridays.
  • Identify participants including program host and panelists (webinar designation for guests and those participating in the webinar).
  • Discuss invitational flyer and script requirements.
  • Identify your organization’s “program coordinator” for this webinar. ThinkTech will communicate with the program coordinator regarding all issues. The program coordinator will be responsible for contacting others. 
  • ThinkTech will establish the webinar on our Zoom account and send the registration link to the program coordinator to include in your announcements, invitations and promotional materials.  We would work with you on the copy.
  • Your organization should distribute your announcements/invitations to achieve attendee registrations for the webinar as soon as possible. Our maximum registration is 500.

(2)  Within one week after Initial Meeting

  • Provide names, affiliations, positions, emails, cellphone numbers and short bios of host and panelists and other speakers to shows@thinktechhawaii.com.
  • Schedule times and dates to prerecord presentations of any of the participants.
  • Forward graphics, videos, prerecorded content to shows@thinktechhawaii.com. 
  • You should be working on script and graphics to be used in the program. 
  • ThinkTech will send the program organizer, host and panelists Zoom links to the First Prep Meeting for 5-6 pm on Monday before Webinar Live Day
  • Brass Underwriter contribution – made online through PayPal link at thinktechhawaii.com or by check to ThinkTech Hawaii at 1164 Bishop Street, Suite 603, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

(3) First Prep Meeting, 5-6 pm Monday before Webinar Live Day (for our staff and all webinar participants)

ThinkTech staff

  • Participants download latest Zoom update, and reboot desktop or laptop computers (phones or tablets not advised)
  • Tips and tricks on computer, framing, lighting, light settings and audio
  • Tips on use of computers v.  Tablets v. Smartphones and EarPods v. Earbuds
  • Tips on camera height and angle, reading from screen, rustling of paper
  • Tips on green screens, backgrounds, looking at camera
  • Tips on Alt-A, muting and unmuting, closing video, touching face, stepping away
  • Discussion of closed captions, transcript, Q&A, chat, polling (evaluations)
  • Assigning chum Q&A questions
  • Specs on graphics, 5 lines with 5 words each line
  • Update on current registrations

 Program Host 

  • Provides first draft of script and graphics, video, clips, etc. to us
  • Discusses the content and sequence of the webinar program
  • Discusses the script, sequence of graphics, video clips, etc.

(4)  Wednesday after First Prep Meeting

  • ThinkTech sends panelist invitations to the Webinar Live Date program
  • Organization continues to distribute announcements/invitations 
  • Deadline for final script, graphics and video clips – Wednesday, 5:00 pm

(5)  Second prep meeting (for our staff and all webinar participants), 30-minutes before start of program on Webinar Live Date

  • Program Host reviews program content, script and timeline
  • Final shape up on video and sound
  • Tip reminders from First Prep Meeting
  • Tip reminder on spotlight, gallery v. speaker view
  • Tip reminder on demotions and promotions
  • Review mute and video
  • Sequence and dealing with exhibits, Q&A, chat, Polling
  • Update on current registrations

(6) Within the week following Webinar Live Date 

  • Post show emails to attendees and absentees
  • Edited program posted and distributed
  • Final attendee reports, Q&A, chat, poll and transcripts provided
  • Post webinar attendee questions forwarded to primary contact 

Questions – contact Jay at jay@fidell.com or (808) 780-9254  or Carol at cml@thinktechhawaii.com or (808) 383-6300.