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US Follow France to Confront Unvaccinated? (What Now America)


COVID 4th Wave Coming, Time to Get Tough. The host for this episode is Tim Apicella. The guests for this episode are Jay Fidell, Winston Welch and Cynthia Lee Sinclair.

The USA is starting to enter its fourth wave of COVID infection. This time around, the Delta Variant, is much stronger, deadlier, and far easier to transmit the mutation is found in over 80% of new cases. We knew it would land on our shores from the UK. And now that’s it’s infecting those who are not vaccinated at a much faster rate, the question is how do public health officials and the Biden Administration blunt the infection and hospitalization rate? Should the USA follow what French President Macron has ordered for all unvaccinated residents to do? Residents are prohibited from entering all government and private organizations. There are those who decry that’s not fair. Then there are those who say it’s not fair for the unvaccinated put others at risk for infection, and create an environment where society, business are forced to shut down yet again due to high infection rates and reduced hospital bed capacity. Fairness versus selfishness will be explored on this week’s show.

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