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Keli’i Akina and Gene Ward Discuss Hawaiian Homelands (Hawaii Together with Keli’i Akina)

How all Hawaii can move forward on reducing or even eliminating the waiting list. One of the tragic failures of government is that large numbers of native Hawaiians have waited and even died while on the Department of Hawaiian Homelands waiting list. What’s the solution? Representative Gene Ward has recently convened some thought leaders to […]

Mauloa Akina & Michelle Murata: Hawaii’s Top Debaters (Hawaii Together with Keli’i Akina)

Local and Federal Issues and an Emerging Generation They’re young, they’re smart, and they can argue like courtroom lawyers. Meet Kamehameha Schools graduates Mauloa Akina and Michelle Murata who recently took first place amongst Hawaii’s Public Forum debaters and represented the Aloha State at the US National Tournament. The host for this episode is Keli’i […]

Misunderstanding Economics: Interview with Paul Brewbaker (Hawaii Together With Keli’i Akina)

Dispelling a variety of economic misconceptions. What do volcanoes, trade wars, and housing bubbles have to do with each other? These are just a few of the economic topics with which many of Hawaii’s policymakers are woefully unfamiliar. Keli’i Akina and Paul Brewbaker dispel a variety of economic misconceptions. The host for this episode is […]

Hawaii Elections 2018 (Hawaii Together)

Colin Moore is one of Hawaii’s leading political analysts. In this program host Keli’i Akina and Moore discuss what Hawaii’s citizens can expect in the 2018 elections, and how the results matter! The host for this episode is Keli’i Akina. The guest for this episode is Colin Moore. ThinkTech Hawaii streams live on the Internet […]