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Global Connections – Ayesha Nibbe Ph.D.

Global Connections with Carlos Juarez “The Challenge of Humanitarian Assistance” with Ayesha Nibbe Ph.D. Host Carlos Juarez interviews Ayesha Nibbe Ph.D, about humanitarian aid in conflict hotspots all over world including NRC Country Director in Liberia, South Sudan, Afghanistan Pakistan and other assignments in Iraq, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Uganda. The host for this episode […]

Transnational Social Movements – Dr. Ziga Vodovnik

Join “Global Connections” host Carlos Juarez as he interviews a visiting scholar from central Europe, Dr. Ziga Vodovnik, to discuss range of global issues, from the challenge of democracy in a globalizing world, transnational social movements, and international education. Dr. Vodovnik is an associate professor of political science at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University […]

Sustainable Global Leadership at HPU – Nathan Albritton

Nathan Albritton is an alumnus of HPU’s GLSD (Global Leadership and Sustainable Development) program (2014). He, like many of the students and alumni of the GLSD program, is a a bit non-traditional. He is currently engaged as Editor-in-Chief of The Sustainable Leader, Socio-Cultural Analyst/Consultant for the US Government, Volunteer Community Mediator with the Mediation Center […]