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Finding Respect In The Chaos

Key Bills In the 2018 Hawaii Legislature -The Results Show (Finding Respect In The Chaos)

The Kapiolani Sex Abuse Treatment center is Changing laws and making a profound difference in the lives of victims. Today we look at the language and outcome for house bills 2128 and 1847 dealing with insurance coverage for clinical victim support services, and extending the time to re-file expired child abuse cases. And Senate Bills, […]

The #Me too Movement Prompts Important Policy Change (Finding Respect In The Chaos)

The Screen Actors Guild is the union that covers and protects actors, and production workers. The film industry is growing rapidly here in Hawaii. David Farmer, President of SAG-AFTRA, Local Hawaii, joins Host Cynthia Lee Sinclair. They will discuss how the #MeToo movement, that began in the Los Angelas entertainment industry, has effected the way […]