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Taking Outside Calls



Here is the procedure for handling outside calls that may come in on our VOIP telephone system:

The Host will elicit calls by saying, “if you have any questions or comments for our guests, please call us on our ThinkTech Hotline, which is 415-871-2474.” During the show, the Engineer will also show a lower third saying, “ThinkTech Hotline 415-871-2474” to elicit calls.

When the Floor Manager sees that the phone is ringing, he goes out to the Reception Room and takes the call there. He says, “Thanks for calling Think Tech. What is your question or comment?”

If the Floor Manager feels that the question or comment is appropriate, he says, “Okay, I will transfer you to the Host. Please hold.” The Floor Manager then transfers the call to Skype (Speed Dial 2 or 415-655-1738).

If the Floor Manager does not feel the question or comment is appropriate, he says, “Sorry, but I don’t think that question or comment is appropriate right now. Please call back later or send us a tweet at thinktechhi. Thanks for your interest in Think Tech. Aloha.” He then disconnects.

When the transferred call appears on the Skype machine, the Engineer uses the whisper mic to tell the Host that “we have a caller on the line.”

At first opportunity, the Host says, “we have a caller on the line.” The Engineer then puts the Caller on the air by clicking yes on the Skype button.

When the Host takes the call he says, “Welcome to Think Tech. Thanks for calling in. Please give us your name and tell us your question or comment.”  This conversation will be on the air.

(If the Host delays in taking the call, the Engineer mutes the Skype audio input until the Host has announced the call.)

When asked, the Caller poses his question or comment. While the Caller is posing his question or comment, the Engineer will show the lower third saying, “ThinkTech Hotline 415-871-2474.”

(Unless all guests are wearing headsets during the show, the Host will have to repeat the question posed by the Caller to the guess.)

When the Caller has posed his question or comment, the Host says, “Thanks very much for your call. Let me take that up with our guest(s) and see what they have to say about it.”

At that point, the Engineer disconnects the Skype audio for the Caller, and the Host goes on to engage with the guests on their response.