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Our hosts are fabulous, and all volunteer.


1. Asia in Review (Asian Affairs) – Bill Sharp

2. Asia Pacific Business Strategies (Business) – Michael North

3. Bigotry in America (Culture) – Jay Fidell

4. Book Worlds (Culture) – Roger Jellinek

5. Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker (Business) – Reg Baker

6. Cannabis Chronicles (Community) – Marsha Joyner

7. Code Green (Energy) – Howard Wiig

8. Community Matters (Community) – Jay Fidell

9. Condo Insider (Real Estate) – Richard Emery and Yuriko J. Sugimura

10. Discovering Aquaponics in the Garden (Agriculture) – Glenn Martinez

11. Energy in America (Energy) – Lucian Pugliaresi and Jeff Kissel

12. Eyes On Hawaii (Community) – Carroll Cox

13. Hawaii Food and Farmer Series (Agriculture) – Justine Espiritu  and Matt Johnson

14. Hawaii in Uniform (Military) – Calvin Griffin

15. Hawaii Is my Main Land (Culture) – Kaui Lucas

16. Hawaii Together with Keli’i Akina (Community) – Keli’i Akina

17. Hawaii, State of Clean Energy (Energy) – Jay Fidell and Sharon Moriwaki

18. Hibachi Talk (Technology) – Gordon Bruce and Andrew Lanning

19. Hispanic Hawaii (Culture) – Richard Concepcion

20. Humane Architecture (Architecture) – Martin Despang

21. It Never Got Quiet (Military) – Vic Craft

22. Law Across the Sea (Law) – Mark Shklov

23. Life After Statehood (History) – Jay Fidell and Ray Tsuchiyama

24. Life in the Law (Law) – Jay Fidell and Carol Mon Lee

25. Likable Science (Science) – Ethan Allen and Jay Fidell

26. Making Leadership Work (Business) – Jay Fidell and Carol Mon Lee

27. Mina Marco and Me On Energy (Energy) – Jay Fidell and Mina Morita

28. Moving Hawaii Forward (Transportation) – Tim Apicella

29. Navigating the Journey (Elder Care) – Marsha Joyner

30. Opera in Hawaii (the Arts) – Jay Fidell

31. Out and About (Current Events) – Winston Welch

32. Out of the Comfort Zone (Life Style) – R B Kelly

33. Perspectives On Global Justice (Social Issues) – Beatriz Cantelmo

34. Research in Manoa (Science) – Pete Mouginis-Mark and Jay Fidell

35. Seymour’s World (Life Style) – Seymour Kazimirski

36. Shrink Rap (Mental Health) – Steve Katz

37. Sister Power (Culture) – Sharon Yarbrough

38. Stan the Energy Man (Energy) – Stan Osserman and Rachel James

39. Talk Story with John Waihee (Politics) – John Waihee

40. the Cyber Underground (Technology) – Dave Stevens and Andrew Lanning

41. the Land Is Our Everything (Real Estate) – Bill Self

42. the Prince of Investment (Business) – Prince Dykes

43. Think Tech Asia (Asian Affairs) – Jay Fidell and Russell Leu

44. Think Tech On Oc16 (Features) – Jay Fidell and Elise Anderson

45. Think Tech Tech Talks (Science) – Jay Fidell

46. Understanding China (Asian Affairs) – Michael North

47. Voice of the Veteran (Military) – Helen Dora Hyden

48. Where the Drone Leads (Technology) – Ted Ralston

49. Working Together (Business) – Cheryl Crozier Garcia