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Rigged Election- GOP’s Mainstream Slogan (What Now America)


Three Elections Rigged Before Vote Count. The host for this show is Tim Apicella. The guests are Jay Fidell and Winston Welch.

The recall vote to unseat California’s Governor Newsom has already been called out as rigged by the GOP’s front runner Larry Elder. Sound familiar? In the 2016 presidential election, then candidate Donald Trump declared the election, months in advance, to be rigged. Why? He was behind in the polls. Then he won. Then he stopped saying the election was riddled with fraud. Fast forward to the 2020 election and Trump’s cries that mail in ballots was rigging the election. This time he lost and the creation of ” The Big Lie” was born. Not only born but now adopted by mainstream GOP. The Capital attack is a direct result of a lie, The Big Lie, set in motion by a president. So to please the defrocked Trump, the GOP plays along. They adopted a standard talking point that it must be a rigged election as soon as their candidate is failing in the polls. Even the loser for junior high class president accepts the results and is seen in the cafeteria shaking hands with the winner. Not this GOP.

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