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Losing in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood (America Finding its Way)


Joe Biden is looking weak. The host for this episode is Jay Fidell. The guests for this episode are Tim Apicella and Stephanie Dalton.

Our panel helps us understand Losing in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood; Joe Biden is looking weak. We discuss the frustration of his initiatives on voting rights, the fillibuster, infrastructure, immigration and gun control and the reason he is not taking a more aggressive position on these things and with Joe Manshin. We also discuss the strange continuation of Trump’s machinations by Biden’s Attorney General Derrick Garland, including the NY Times affair, the William Bar Mueller memo disclosure appeal, the bizarre representation of Trump in the Jean Carroll defamation suit, and his failure to prosecute or investigate Trump’s role in the January 6th insurrection or to cooperate with the Senate investigation into the insurrection, all without ever saying why to the American people.

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