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Light it up! (Adventures In Small Business)


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On Adventures in Small Business. When did Marina start her small business and how did she get into the light business? With Hawaii being one of the leading states on being environmentally conscious, how is she able to adapt with your services? What different type of lighting service does Illuminage offer? Who or what have been some of Marina’s projects that people are able to see around Oʻahu? Did she always plan to be in this line of work? Does she have any plans to expand outside of Hawaiʻi? What did Marina need to start-up her business? What specific licenses in her industry did she have to obtain? What were some of the challenges she faced before she started her business and during the early years? And even now? How did SBA assist with her business/growth? What are the unique problems or challenges to her business (i.e., labor shortage, purchasing the equipment needed, delivery deadlines or transportation or traffic, etc.)? Where can people buy Marina’s product/services?The host for this episode is Sandra Cancinos. The guest for this episode is Marina Nishimura.

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