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Igniting Criticality and Creativity (The Creative Life)


Thinking Creatively About Thinking. The host for this show is Darlene Boyd. The guest is Brian Barnes.

Professor Brian Barnes discusses major structures in our thinking that convey both criticality and creativity. These are great parts of our thinking to get to know. They can be accessed whenever and wherever we are doing our thinking and acting. Also, they can be done without books or websites. This discussion is particularly useful for individuals who want better control over both the critical and creative sides of their thinking. It is easy for our creativity to become limited by corporate culture, personalities and motives other than promoting the best thinking for every situation. Professor Barnes, discusses intellectual habits and methods that promote creativity. He also offers practices that help one become aware of implicit biases in our thinking.

The ThinkTech YouTube Playlist for this show is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQpkwcNJny6koOuEfnRgs0d5aPeLJKJXJ

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