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ThinkTech Hawaii Studios are located in the heart of downtown Honolulu at Pioneer Plaza, 900 Fort Street Mall, Suite 888, on Fort Street Mall between Merchant and King Streets. It is walking distance from the State Capitol, Chinatown, Hawaii Pacific University and all major downtown buildings. Bus and bike routes are close by.


ThinkTech does not validate parking for hosts or guests but there are several garages ranging in cost. The most convenient is the parking garage in Pioneer Plaza but is also very expensive. To get there drive mauka on Bethel from Nimitz and turn right on Merchant and the entrance to the parking lot is about half way down the block on the mauka side of Merchant. Less expensive and just one block away is the parking garage at Harbor Court (official address is 55 Merchant St. but parking entrance is on Bethel). To get there, drive mauka on Bethel from Nimitz and the parking garage entrance is on right just after you turn onto Bethel. Visitor parking is on floor 5 and above.


Our studio uses a green screen, so please do not to wear green, green-blue or bright white clothing. Aloha wear and business casual is appropriate. Coats and ties or jackets for women are totally optional but T-shirts are not appropriate. Tops made of soft fabric may lose their shape when a microphone is attached, causing the fabric to sag. Shorts are permitted, since you will be seated and the audience will not see below the tabletop.

Arriving and Water

It’s critical that you get to the studio on time so that we can start the show on time. If the broadcast begins at 4:00 p.m., for example, please get there by 3:45 p.m. so we can get you ready and without unnecessary show time pressure. When you arrive in our reception area, please take a seat until the Floor Manager greets you. The Floor Manager will escort you inside the studio to the table, will mic you up and prepare for the show. If you arrive late, we will not be able to hold the show for you. We’ll try to seat you, if possible, in the next break.

We also provide bottled water but please keep it off-camera and capped during the broadcast.


If you are accompanied by friends or family who want to observe but will not be interviewed, they can either watch from in the studio or in the reception area. The studio has a small “gallery” that can seat up to three guests during the broadcast. Of course, they will have to be quiet and turn off all cell phones. Or your friends may watch the broadcast live from the reception room on the monitor. If the monitor is not turned on, please ask the Floor Manager. We ask that infants and young children not be brought to the studio for both their safety and the sake of the broadcast. Thank you for your understanding.

Cell phones and Personal Belongings

Please turn off your phone/tablets so no interruption during the broadcast. You will be directed to place your personal belongings on the table just inside the studio for safekeeping. Valuables should not be left in the reception area during your show’s broadcast

Signing in

When you arrive, please sign in on our online ThinkTech Guest Log to record your appearance that day.

Our Floor Manager will ask for your business card. We want to get your spelling and affiliation correct on the screen and for our log to record your appearance that day.

Caution in the Studio

The studio is loaded with fragile equipment and wires; cameras, tripods, cables, monitors, computers, and other electronics. As you walk around, please take care not to trip on the wires or break the equipment. If you bring beverages with you, other than water, please leave them outside in the reception area during the show. Food is not allowed in the studio.

The control room with our broadcast equipment is run by our Production Engineer and is off limits to the public.


The restrooms on our floor are accessible by key. Take the appropriate restroom key with you, walk out to the hallway and turn left. Make sure to bring the key back with you. Once a broadcast begins, there is not enough time during the program to stop for a restroom break.

Program Content

Your host and you will agree on a topic and a title. The host will provide ThinkTech with a description of your program that will be posted on our Daily Global Advisory promoting the show to our followers. This should be done 24 hours before the show. The program is 28 minutes 30 seconds in length with one promotional break in the middle.

We have found that the shows most popular with our followers are the ones with the highest quality of content. Please therefore try to be relevant, accurate and articulate in what you say. Advanced preparation with your host can be key, although hosts have different styles and methods for prep. Please avoid defamation or profanity, either oral or in any graphics you may bring onto the program. Likewise, we ask that you do not bring graphics or sound that may be in bad taste or an infringement of someone else’s copyright or right of privacy.

We strive for a news focus bringing programs to our audience that meets our mission of raising public awareness and promoting civic engagement.

Delivery of Images
If you’d like to refer to graphics (including logos, websites, phone numbers, photos or short video clips) during the show, email them to your host and our Systems Manager, Nick Sexton (nsexton092@gmail.com) by 5:00 pm the day BEFORE your show. Our production software is compatible with PNG, JPEG, GIF or TIFF formatted graphics. Quicktime, mov and mp4s are acceptable for short video clips. If there is any doubt that our Broadcast Engineer has received your graphics or videos, please bring a thumb drive with you when you come to the studio in hopes we will have time before the show to upload them on to our broadcast system. If you don’t get them to us early enough, we may not have enough time to include them in the show.

Again, please make sure you have rights to broadcast these images and that are not an infringement of someone else’s copyright.

During the Interview

The Floor Manager will hook you up with a lapel microphone before the show and will remove it after the show. Please do not remove it by yourself. The mics are very sensitive and easily damaged. Note that long hair or the sound of jewelry will be picked up by your microphone, so it’s better not to wear any heavy jewelry. The Floor Manager may flash a sign during a broadcast to ask you to adjust your hair so it doesn’t touch your microphone.

You may bring papers or a folder to the table, but don’t rely too much on them. In addition, going through them on camera will create sounds that will be picked up by our sensitive microphones. You can keep your hands on the table or under the table – either way is fine. Our seats are adjustable for height.

Where to Look

During the interview, you should look at the person or people you are talking with, rather than looking at the camera. However, if you want to make a specific point to the viewing audience, then it would be appropriate to look at the camera to make your point. The Floor Manager will tell you which camera before the show starts.

Commercial Content

Guests should not openly promote or permit the open promotion of commercial ventures or the sale of goods or products during the show, since that is likely to disqualify the show for broadcast on Community Television and lead to the impositions of sanctions under Community Television rules. Of course, upcoming events, programs, new books, and other newsworthy items are all good topics for shows. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this.

Length of comments

When you respond to the host in the interview format, you want to keep your answers to no more than about three minutes to let your host take you to the next question. If you go on too long, or if your answers are monosyllabic, you’re likely to lose the audience. The important thing is to be informative and interesting, and to have fun.

Frequently, hosts may give you the opportunity at the end of the program to speak directly into the camera for a final remark (e.g., a short summary of major points, a reminder of upcoming event, how to contact your organization, etc.)


We expect our guests to be congenial, respectful and cooperative with our staff and to accede to our studio conventions and production requirements. This includes questions of seating and handling of equipment and beverages. We also expect our guests to be appropriately attired for video production and to refrain from chewing gum or engaging in other habits or conduct that may diminish the quality of the production.

Saying farewell

When the show is over, our Floor Manager will remove your microphone. Please do not remove your mic by yourself. When the show is over, people often like to continue the conversation. Please do that outside the studio, since the staff needs to clean up and close up and it will be easier for them to do so if you continue the conversation outside. Before you leave, please take a copy of our ThinkTech flyer, copies of which are available in the studio. We’d be grateful if you would also consider making a contribution to ThinkTech! We are supported entirely by donations and grants.

Ownership of videos

All rights in the video and audio produced are and remain the property of ThinkTech Hawaii. The guests do not have any rights in the video or audio or any other aspect or element of the content created. ThinkTech will be free to treat, process, edit, broadcast, disseminate, distribute, publicize and promote this content in any way it sees fit, or to determine not to use it at all. If you want to post or disseminate your show under a Creative Commons license, please let us know in advance. We will want you to retain our ThinkTech bumpers and bug so that the work is clearly identified as our original production.