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BI’s Beach Hotel Around Mauna Kea Vol 4 (Humane Architecture)


SOM’s BI Hospitality Design World Wonder. The hosts for this show are Martin Despang and DeSoto Brown. The guest is Ronald Lindgren.

The Big Island of Hawaii was mainly untouched in the early 1960’s when Laurence S. Rockefeller had its Mauna Kea Beach Hotel like fall from the skies like a meteorite which since then is a legendary icon of tropical brutalism.
SOM’s project architect Edward Charles Bassett was successful to give the resort a tropical exotic easy breezy gestalt.
The show describes and discusses its historic zeitgeist context as the project itself along with material from the architects, hotel and Bishop Museum’s DeSoto Brown.

The ThinkTech YouTube Playlist for this show is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQpkwcNJny6kDcGh5KYsLd28-x3DBXGjI

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