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A Trump Alternative Fact, ‘We have One of the Lowest [Covid] Mortality Rates’ (Trump Week)


Trump fact checked, with 140,000 US deaths, he’s wrong again. The host for this episode is Tim Apicella. The guest for this episode is Stephanie Dalton.

Donald Trump went before Fox News journalist Chris Wallace in an interview, and gave his version about how well America is handling COVID-19. He thinks USA has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world, but this time he was fact checked in real time by Mr. Wallace. With over 140,000 deaths as a result of the COVID-19 virus, America has one of the highest rates of death in the world. Trump’s clear use of alternative facts and his usual gaslighting techniques did not sway Mr. Wallace from contradicting and exposing the president for making such an absurd statement on Sunday’s Fox News show. Join Host Tim Apicella, guests Stephanie Dalton, Winston Welch to examine multiple statements from Trump during this interview with Chris Wallace. Additionally, video footage showing unidentified military police rounding up residents on the streets of Portland Oregon and hauling them away in unmarked rental vehicles is a topic for discussion.

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