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A Conversation With Dr. Theresa R. Jacobs (Sister Power)


FEAR the virus and NOT the vaccine. The host for this episode is Sharon Thomas Yarbrough. The guest for this episode is Theresa R. Jacobs, M.D., FAAFP.

SARS-cov-2 was just isolated in late 2019, hence, Covid-19. There is so much unknown about the long term effects of this virus! People who don’t actually see the devastation of this disease FIRST HAND should be putting ANYTHING out there disparaging the vaccines in any way! It’s all we have to try and combat the spread of this pestilence at this time. Black, Brown and Native Americans are most affected by this disease and NO ONE should be casting a cloud on the vaccines. The treatment for this disease is still basically supportive and a hit and miss and it’s a crap shoot as to who will survive unscathed and who will not!!!

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