Assets School (Out And About)

Serving gifted and capable students, specializing in those with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Today we talk with Ryan Masa, K-8 Principal of Assets School and Ma Ry Kim, a parent of of the students at Assets School. We will learn about this unique and important alternative school that values differences and works with […]

Water on the Moon (Research In Manoa)

We can detect signs of water on the surface of the Moon using Mauna Kea telescopes. This week on Research in Manoa, Casey Honnibal and Pete Mouginis-Mark discuss making telescopic observations of the Moon to tell that there is water in the soil of the Moon? The host for this episode is Pete Mouginis-Mark. The […]

KHON2 Justin Cruz (Beyond The Lines)

Beyond Weather. In this premiere episode of Beyond the Lines, host Rusty Komori is joined by Justin Cruz. They will be talking about Justin’s background, his start in radio in Guam, his moved to Hawaii, his transition to TV, and he shares why he thinks he is successful on television. The host for this episode […]