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Jay is the President and CEO of ThinkTech Hawaii, Inc., a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

The Fight for Death With Dignity

Kaui Lucas and Raya Salter highlight SB 1129, the Medical Aid in Dying Bill, or Death with Dignity, a bill

Talking Telescopes at the Science Cafe

Elise Anderson and Nicole Hori highlight a talk from Dr. Alan Tokunaga, of the Institute for Astronomy, about the thirty

The 13th Legislative Briefing by the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum

Elise Anderson and Kaui Lucas cover The 13th legislative briefing by the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum. Some of the speakers

Amnesty International with Beatriz Cantelmo

Chair of Amnesty International, Hawai’i Chapter, Beatriz Cantelmo joins Ian Davidson at the ThinkTech Table for an episode of On The Go to discuss some of the issues the Hawai’i Chapter of Amnesty International are tackling. Find out about the work they are doing to educate advocates to support Muslim, Refugee, and Immigrant communities, their […]

Animal Companions The Good, the Bad the Ugly with Carol Mon Lee

Why do people ‘keep’ animals? What are the considerations when choosing a pet? Ethan Allen and Carol Mon Lee appear on Likable Science to discuss the historical and anthropological roots of human/pet relationships.   ThinkTech Hawaii streams live on the Internet from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm every weekday afternoon, Hawaii Time, then streaming

Fixing the Fight To Ban Coral Killing Sunscreen with Robert H. Richmond, Ph.D.

Currently Senate Bill 1150 is alive, the bill would ban sunscreen containing coral killing agents in Hawaii.  Some lawmakers have expressed reservations about how good the science is, whether such a ban is really needed, or enforceable.  How bad is oxybenzone? What do we know about the effects here in Hawai’i? Tune in for Hawaii […]

Of Course I Plan to Change The World with Giorgio Tran and Kylie Burkhart

Join Stan Osserman for an episode of Stan the Energy Man that features some local high school juniors and seniors who spent the past 8 months working with HCATT to convert a vehicle to run on hydrogen! Giorgio Tran and Kylie Burkhart, half of the hand-picked team from the “Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders”, are producing […]

The Perspective of the End State with Dr. Phil McGillivary

Dr. Phil McGillivary, Senior Science Advisor to US Coast Guard, joins Ted Ralston on Where the Drone Leads.  Dr. McGillivary and Ted discuss the UAS from a most unusual perspective – that of the end-state user.  In this case, the Ice-breaker crew.   ThinkTech Hawaii streams live on the Internet from 11:00 am to 5:00 […]

How Do You Grab a Naked Lady? Insanity Behind the White Picket Fence

Sharon Hicks is the Executive Director for the American Academy of Pediatricians, Hawaii Chapter, a not for profit with over

Getting the Job Done – Honorable Leadership with Speaker Emeritus Calvin Say

The Art of Thinking Smart with Michael North welcomes one of Hawaii’s most respected leaders, Speaker Emeritus of the Hawaii