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Jay is the President and CEO of ThinkTech Hawaii, Inc., a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Black And Pink Abolishing U S Prison Complex System

Overview of Black and Pink’s organizational structure, vision, mission and programs. Brief overview of how public policy

The News In Nourishment

Michelle Tom is a dietician and nutritionist, an expertise that is increasingly important in an age of junk food.

The Kolea Hawaiis Original Snowbird

We’ll discus Susan’s new book on the Kolea, the Pacific Golden Plover, that migrates annually between Alaska and Hawaii. ThinkTech Hawaii

Zero Attacks! Can We Do Anything? (The Cyber Underground)

On today’s episode of The Cyber Underground Dave and Hal talk about the wondrous world of zero day attacks. ThinkTech

You Cant Spell Geek Without A Double E (Stan The Energy Man)

What are some of the challenges and solutions for building charging infrastructure for plug-in electric vehicles ThinkTech Hawaii streams live on

A Seymours World Commentary

Join Seymour for a Thanksgiving Commentary only on ThinkTech Hawaii. ThinkTech Hawaii streams live on the Internet from 11:00 am to

Do You Give More Then Thanks On Thanksgiving (Seymour’s World)

Our guest is Irma Baptiste who is the epitome of as giving mother, a working mom, the mother of a

Drones Over HPU (Where the Drone Leads)

H P U Drone Team Takes To The Sky. The H P U Drone Team chats with Ted Ralston

An Inside Look At Leasing (Condo Insider)

Why Leasehold?. Michael E. Pang joins Scott on Condo Insider to discuss leaseholdings, what they are, what are the

Making Money Growing Plants (Business In Hawaii With Reg Baker)

The Plant Business In Hawaii Is Growing. In this episode of Business in Hawaii, guest Caro Wilson and Molly