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Jay is the President and CEO of ThinkTech Hawaii, Inc., a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Hawaii’s Newest Democratic Member: Representative Beth Fukumoto

As the newest Democratic member of the Hawaii State House of Representatives, Representative Fukumoto Chang appears on Talk Story with

The Environmental Protectors – Earthjustice Fighting for a Planet Centric Approach

Paul Achitoff, Managing Attorney for Earthjustice – Mid Pacific Region, appears on Planet of the Courageous with Dean Nelson to

The Future of the Republican Party in Hawaii – Rebranding the GOP with Col. Shirlene Ostrov

While the Republican party has grown in size and power throughout the nation, it has been shrinking in the State

Hawaiian Satellite Technologies

Hawaii is one of the few places on Earth that can launch satellites to space. Dr. Sam Murphy, a Post-Doctoral

Electric Utility Ownership Models and More Current Developments in Energy:

Marco Mangelsdorf, President at ProVision Solar, joins Jay Fidell on Marco and Me to report on the recent Maui Energy

A Tale of Two Citizenships

Ray Tsuchiyama, who has lived and worked for two decades in Japan, appears on Law Across the Sea with Mark

Thousands of Babies and Counting with Mary Maurer

Mary Maurer (BSN) has been involved in the delivery of thousands of babies. She joins Gordon Bruce and Andrew Lanning

ThinkTech Goes On the Street

Kauai Lucas and Raya Salter highlight one of the newest productions at ThinkTech, the man on the street, or Think

Valentines Day in the Age of the Internet

Jay Fidell and Raya Salter take a look at love in Hawaii from different perspectives. They cover the history of

Brett Finlay Says “Let Them Eat Dirt”

Elise Anderson and Kaui Lucas highlight a talk from author Brett Finlay, a Canadian microbiologist who wrote the book “Let