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Jay is the President and CEO of ThinkTech Hawaii, Inc., a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

The Meeting Between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump – Insights from APEC Hawaii – Russell Honma

Russell Honma, the US Senior Official of APEC Hawaii, visits ThinkTech Asia with Jay Fidell to address the upcoming meeting

The Mind of a Millennial

Carol Mon Lee interviews a millennial, Nicole Alexandra Enos, ThinkTech’s spring intern, on the first episode of this new show.

Public Education Under Attack

Dr. Amy Perruso is a veteran National Board certified Advanced Placement social studies teacher at Mililani High School. She has

Views from a Law Student

What’s it like to be a student at the the University of Hawaii at Manoa William S. Richardson School of

Cyber Security for the Campus Wide Enterprise

Hawaii: State of Clean Energy continues its Cyber Security, Internet of Energy series. Jodi-Ann Ito, CISO University of Hawaii Systems’,

Medical Aid in Dying Legislation – Hawaii Death With Dignity Society

The co-founder of the Hawaii Death With Dignity Society, Scott Foster, joins Marsha Joyner on Navigating the Journey for an

Fossil Fuels Trump Climate Action – This Week’s Energy News and Analysis

Tune in for Power Up Hawaii where Raya Salter addresses the latest news and analysis from the U.S. energy sector,

Jungle ism in Hawaii – Honolulu’s Emerging Jungle Urbanism

AIA HNL’s Architecture Month of 2017 is coming up. Given March 31st is the Pecha Kucha kick off, Kristoffer Jugueta

Human Faces Applying to Enter the United States – Marine Corps Insights from Andrew Ustaszewski

For many of us, it’s very difficult to put a human face on the people who are applying to enter

The Assimilation of Ethnic Foods in Hawaii

Why are there so many delicious ethnic foods available in Hawaii? Here’s a taste of the history of multicultural culinary