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Jay is the President and CEO of ThinkTech Hawaii, Inc., a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

The Origin And History Of The American Dream

All of us have heard of the term American Dream at some point. The origin and history of the American

What Is Sustainable Community Design?

Rob Kinslow, Sierra Club Oahu Group Executive Committee volunteer has a long background in sustainable community development, promoting renewable energy,

Science Under The Trump Administration

In his episode of likable science, Jay Fidell and Ethan Allen discuss the attempted politicization of science is an issue

The Cyber Underground – What Do You Know About Your States Dept Of Defense?

What do you know about your state’s Dept. of Defense? Did you even know your state has it’s own Dept.

Craig Wagnild on Immunization of the children in our community

Craig Wagnild, attorney and former president of the Hawaii State Bar Association, and also a concerned citizen on public health

Parker Wagnild, student at Mid-Pac Institute, on Technology at his school

A ThinkTech Commentary by Parker Wagnild, student at Mid-Pac Institute, on Technology at his school. ThinkTech Hawaii streams live on the

Clean Energy Day at Laniakea on August 28, 2017

Sharon Moriwaki of the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum and Jay Fidell of ThinkTech Hawaii get together to talk about HEPF’s

Dream Big and Go After It

Willie Jones is a Vietnam veteran, World Champion of public speaking Toastmasters International 1997. He joins Helen Hyden on Voice

India 40 The Circle of Demons, Manuscript to Amazon

Peter Adler comes on ThinkTech to discuss the completion and publication of his book: India-40 and the Circle of Demons

UAS Countermeasures

Leonard Ligon joins Ted Ralston on Where the Drone Leads for a rousing discussion on an extremely important part of