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Jay is the President and CEO of ThinkTech Hawaii, Inc., a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Artificial Intelligence (Think Tech Asia)

The race is on between China and the U.S. – the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in our

Xi Jin Ping, It’s Not All Sweetness and Light (Think Tech Global)

Xi Jin Ping, It’s Not All Sweetness and Light. Join Jay Fidell and Ray Tsuchiyama as they discuss the

Hawaii P.I. (Law Across The Sea)

Helpping his clients uncover the truth about various matters and protect themselves from further harm. Steve is the Founder

Becoming an Active Citizen (Hawaii Together With Keli’i Akina)

How Natalie Iwasa is Changing Her Community. Natalie Iwasa is an engaged resident of East Oahu who takes being

Mess la With Tesla (Code Green)

This week on Code Green, Howard and guest Henry Lee talk about why Tesla (alternating current) won the Current War

Keli’i Akina On Hawaii’s False Missile Alert

Keli’i Akina Gives ThinkTech and Hawaii his thoughts on the recent False missile alert. ThinkTech Hawaii streams live on the

New World of Retail; AmazonGO (Think Tech Tech Talks)

Amazon just launched their new product AmazonGo, this could revolutionized the way we all shop, get groceries. ThinkTech Hawaii streams

Its A New Year For CyberSecurity (Think Tech Tech Talks)

An unknown number of credit card numbers were stolen by malware infected point of sale systems, those computer controlled cash

The Expansion of Veterans Rights (Hawaii In Uniform)

This week on Hawaii in Uniform, Guests Randolph Alexander, Dennis Egge, Richard Brunskill join Calvin to discuss the expansion of

I Dont Need No Stinking Grid! (Stan The Enery Man)

What factors need to be considered before a homeowner decides to go Off-Grid? What are the unintended consequences of large