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Building Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills and Confidence

Building Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills and Confidence


Thinking smart sometimes means stopping for a moment — to heal, looking deep inside for insight. In this episode, Michael North welcomes Wendy Lee Baldwin to The Art of Thinking Smart. Wendy is a life coach — she works with people who resolve personal and family issues, so they can become more effective leaders, business people, and family members.

Wendy and Michael emphasize the professional perspective; how to build healing habits into our daily lives, and use these techniques in our business, to help make everyone more effective.

Wendy Baldwin shares her own personal path; the challenges she experienced on the way to becoming so strong that today she can help others. Her journey is a fascinating one, and her personal lessons can be applied by anyone.

Wendy is a certified wellness, life and spiritual coach, certified holistic healer, speaker and author of Healing Your Soul In A Chaotic World: Defying the Odds of Sanity and Survival…an unconventional blueprint for letting go and changing your life. Her book was chosen for the spring 2017 edition of the Spirted Woman Top 12 Book Pick List.

She is a leading authority on stress relief, life transformation, emotional healing, overcoming adversity, anxiety and depression. Wendy works with her clients on the heart, soul and cellular level using her proven out-of-the-box system. Clients report gaining astounding results including improved health, better relationships, direction and inner peace.

A common underlying benefit is improved emotional intelligence, communication skills, and confidence. She is passionate about helping people reconnect to their authentic self, know that they matter and live with gusto!

Wendy Baldwin’s website: www.align-with-joy.com

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